Saturday, July 15, 2006

Macaroni and "Chreese"

Tonight my wife was out and I had limited time before leaving to attend a film, so I put together a simple dish that I don't think she would like. Even before becoming vegan, she didn't like cheese, but I certainly did. I very occasionally enjoy the comfort food Road's End Organics Macaroni and Alfredo-Style "Chreese", and I served that with wheat English muffins and big slices of avocado.

Yesterday I taught, and was excited to eat at Aurora in Chapel Hill. I used to love eating here when it was in Carrboro; fine Italian dining awaited the vegan diner who called in the morning when they made their fresh pasta - a simple call would reserve a batch of eggless pasta. Unfortunately, I was rebuffed several years ago after they moved to a new location in Chapel Hill with rude staff who essentially said that there were no vegan options anymore (hard to believe!), and my wife in the past few months had a similar experience.

But last night when I called, I was warmly received by a vegetarian staff person. The food was good but we felt the restaurant could use a bit of a makeover - rather plain dishes and utensils, and furniture, walls, and bathrooms showing signs of age. We had their one vegan pasta custom made with artichokes and sundried tomatoes, and several side dishes. They make everything to order and our waiter was polite and knowledgeable about veganism. The owner, Hank Straus, came over to meet us.

Tomorrow is a vegetarian society potluck dinner. I'm not sure what I'll make, but since I won't be cooking an entire dinner, there will be no entry here till Sunday.


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