Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Spinach and Portobello Mushroom Saute with Onion Bialy Focaccia

Tonight I was shopping and found some spinach ready to be eaten; when I asked for any fresher spinach, the kind man in produce offered to sell me two bunches for the price of one! So I cooked more than half today and will probably make another spinach dish tomorrow.

I coarsely chopped two portobello mushrooms and added them to a saute of shallots already underway for a few minutes. After 7-10 minutes, I added the spinach and wilted it for a few minutes, adding various spices such as ginger and Key Lime and pepper seasoning, as well as some hot sauce and fresh thyme (which we received from friends we stayed with on Cape Cod a few days ago; I had the timely joke of telling my friend, a retired doctor holding thyme he had just picked, that he had a lot of thyme on his hands!). I also added some orange bell pepper near the end. I also served some purchased onion bialy focaccia that I heated.

It was such a pleasure, more than usual, cooking tonight, as we had been away for over a week. We drove to Connecticut for a family reunion and visited Cape Cod. We had some good meals with family in Connecticut, at It's Only Natural (a very nice vegetarian restaurant in Middletown, CT), with a very kind Servas family we visited on the Cape, at Pizza Uno (the stores receive vegan dough and "parbake" cheese into it before making pizzas; if you call them in advance, which we always do, they can make a vegan cheeseless pizza with dough reserved for you without cheese) enroute home, and at other places. Last night we got home late; my wife made a simple Indian flat rice "poha" dish and I helped her to grill a vegan sausage.


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