Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mushroom-'Meatball' (vegan) Saute with Rice Noodles

It seems like a while since I've cooked! I was in Winston-Salem over the weekend attending a course on judging rose shows and taking an exam to see if I can start on the path of qualifying to be a judge. On Saturday, we went on in the evening to Charlotte, where we attended a surprise bridal shower party and ate there. On Sunday, we took my parents out for Father's Day to Tower South Indian Restaurant. Yesterday, I had a photography meeting; I quickly made some bagel sandwiches before the meeting then came home to eat some semolina and vegetable based dish that my wife put together, along with some other leftovers.

Today I sauteed mushrooms, onion slivers, and Nate's Italian Style vegan 'Meatballs', adding rice noodles that I had soaked in hot water for about 10 minutes when everything was well cooked. I added some hot sauce and spices, and cooked for another minute or two. I served this with English Muffins topped with organic Vegenaise®, fresh basil, and tomatoes.


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