Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mixed Greens with Vegan Sausage

As the farmer's market came to a close this past Saturday, I asked a farmer about a bag of greens he had - he happily told me it was a mix of mustard with some other greens, and invited me to take it gratis! Tonight I did a brief saute first of onions and garlic, then of vegan sausage (by the Field Roast Grain "Meat" Company - my quotes; this was the last of my stock, and now I can purchase our favorite flavor, apple sage!) and the greens, along with some fresh herbs from my garden.

I served this with Lundberg Farms Black Japonica rice (short-grained black rice mixed with medium-grained mahogany - it smells great as it cooks and tastes chewy and tasty) topped with orange cauliflower. On the side, I had a salad including sprouts that my wife has produced and heirloom tomatoes.


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