Friday, May 26, 2006

Ravioli with pesto, spiced spinach, crunchy cabbage-tomato salad

I'm focused on our area's annual rose show this Saturday and working on two arrangements, so may have a few nights of quick dinners. Last night, for example, my wife and I were out getting materials for the arrangements and it got late. I was planning to cook, but she was hungry so we made it to Whole Foods Market shortly before the hot food line closed and ate a decent meal there.
Tonight, I made the simple frozen Rising Moon Organics ravioli - creamy artichoke and organic olive. I topped it with my homemade pesto sauce (it sure goes a long way - I made this batch back in April) and vegan Parm! "parmesan cheese" - it was very good! I plan to buy another of their vegan varieties soon while they are on sale.

I was going to steam some spinach (I had bought spinach hoping to add it when I made risotto - but that won't happen till after the rose show) but my wife reminded me that she doesn't like it steamed. I sauteed some slivers of onions then briefly cooked the spinach, adding some spices like red pepper, salt, and ground ginger.

We had a lot of cabbage in the refrigerator, so I made a simple salad to round things off. I simply served tomato slices atop shredded cabbage.


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