Monday, May 15, 2006

Pizza and soup

Today was Mother's Day and we spent the day with my parents. We didn't get home till late and I invited my parents over for dinner, so I made a quick meal. My Dad was asking for pizza since last week, so I used a prepared sourdough crust from Rustic Crust, Tuscan Six Grain, with many interesting ingredients (unbleached/unbromated enriched wheat flour, water, rye, barley, oatmeal, linseed, millet, sesame seed, yeast, culture, olive and soybean oils, salt, and spices).

I topped the pizza with tomato paste, yellow bell pepper, onion, spicy olives, heirloom tomato, fresh herbs from my garden, and a little bit (just for my slices) of vegan Scheese "cheese" with chives. The crust was quite good, soft inside and crusty outside (I have a heavy pizza stone almost the full size of a rack in my oven that I always leave in the oven and that I directly cooked the pizza on, as usual).

I also reheated leftover barley soup from several days ago. I had wanted to make risotto with spinach earlier in the week but hadn't; I had some fresh organic spinach and rather than wait on using it, simply boiled it and served it, as well. My wife had sprouted some mung beans, so they, with a fresh oregano leaf, key lime juice, and baby carrorts served as a little salad.


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