Monday, May 08, 2006

Barley soup, leftovers (risotto and rice noodles with seitan)

We are having unusually cold weather yesterday and today, even requiring a jacket - in May! I don't usually serve soup, but today decided to make a hearty soup. I sauteed some onion, a few types of mushrooms, and a small amount of poblano and yellow bell pepper. Then I added pearled barley and 4 times as much vegetable stock as grain, and simmered for about 40 minutes, adding as well carrot slices, a little red wine, fresh herbs from my garden, and a few seasonings. We finished off leftover risotto and rice noodles, and had a little salad and lemon sourdough boule with pesto.

One of my brothers is visiting my parents this week; he arrived yesterday, and last night, we all ate at my parents' home. My Mom made a number of dishes like sauteed potatoes, dhal (lentil soup), rice, flatbread, and salad; and my wife made usal, a Marathi (the state that Mumbai or Bombay is in) specialty with sprouted lentils, as well as fresh coconut chutney.


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