Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rice noodles with vegan Italian "sausage"

We were in a bit of a rush to get to the opening night of the film Water so I put a quick meal together. I love "sausage"s, all non-soy plant based, that I recently discovered and recently bought the only flavor I've not yet had, Italian. I sauteed sliced "sausage" with onion, nira grass, and garlic, while I soaked some rice noodles in hot tap water. Once the "sausage" and vegetables were close to light brown, I drained the noodles, washed away sticky starch with cold water, and then added the noodles to the saute pan, along with some Caribbean hot sauce. Dinner was rounded out with some whole wheat crackers and salad with fresh herbs from my garden.

The noodles came out well, but I had in mind more of a fusion taste. It would be better, I think, with my favorite "sausage", smoked apple sage, and perhaps a little coconut milk.


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