Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kale-Potato-Seitan Saute

I had some kale waiting to be cooked and wanted to try something different. I started by sauteeing Yukon Gold potatoes that I cut into fairly small pieces. I added some Indian spices like turmeric and a few minutes later added onion and small chunks of seitan (wheat gluten). I served this with leftover Himalayan Red Rice. I thought that the dish came out reasonably well, but not great - but my wife really enjoyed the Indian influence on its taste.

Yesterday was my wife's birthday! I successfully surprised her with a nice party at one of our favorite restaurants, Café Parizäde. We had about 20 folks enjoying a choice of two starters (a salad or a cold soup), three main courses (risotto, polenta, or grilled vegetables), and delicious coconut milk-based chocolate-raspberry birthday cake.


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