Sunday, June 11, 2006

Baby Okra and Tomato with Himalayan Red Rice

This afternoon while shopping at Weaver Street Market, I found some very nice looking baby okra, locally grown and organic. I sauteed it with onion, added a number of spices including fennel seed, paprika, crushed red pepper, and salt, and then when it was soft and cooked, simmered it for a few minutes longer in some crushed tomato to come up with a dish that was a variant on an okra one that I teach in my Ethnic Vegetarian Cooking class. I made some Himalayan Red Rice in vegetable stock and served a salad, including some lovely French radishes that I purchased this morning at the farmer's market.

And I discovered a new bread today at Weaver Street, which makes some of the best bread around! This was a bread only made on Saturdays, an onion-potato-rosemary one. It is heavy and tasty - either as bread or just warmed in the toaster oven. I served some bread with Earth Balance spread as well.

Last night, we were again at Weaver Street Market, this time to eat dinner while we saw an Italian multimedia dance performance artist group at 6p; we then rushed off to catch the second night of the American Dance Festival. I taught on Thursday, and we went out with several students and a friend to Sage Vegetarian Restaurant, where I ordered what I usually get, their unique and delectable pomegranate reduction with tempeh over brown rice.


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