Monday, June 26, 2006

Fakin' Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich with Vegenaise

It's been a while since I've had the pleasure of cooking, and even tonight I didn't have a lot of time to cook. After working out earlier in the evening, I had an urge to have a hearty sandwich, which I don't usually like at dinner time. I also don't generally like meat analogues, and don't cook with soy-heavy ones as they bother my wife's digestion.

But we love tempeh and I bought some smoke-flavored organic "fakin' bacon" strips of tempeh, sauteed them in a little bit of oil briefly till crispy, made some toast and spread both pieces with organic grapeseed oil-based vegenaise, and included tomato and lettuce to make a vegan version of the "BLT" sandwich. Speaking of the bread, we picked up some excellent La Miche traditional French country bread from Weaver Street Market, a source of great bread! We hadn't had this bread before but really enjoyed its intense sour flavor and significant whole wheat composition.

My wife had made yesterday for brunch some South Indian uppama semolina and sprouted dry peas, and I served that as well. I continue to be disappointed often with organic avocadoes, which often have significant brown overripe sections inside, but included a half with each dinner plate.

Thursday night, after a class I teach, I had dinner with my wife, two students, a friend on the eve of his birthday, and that friend's girlfriend. We ate Ethiopian food at Queen of Sheba's in Chapel Hill (my wife and I enjoy Ethiopian food and found this restaurant to be worth visiting again, though I wish they had small plates to hold the injera bread). On Friday, we enjoyed the Pilobolus performance (Pilobolus is my favorite dance troupe!) at the American Dance Festival and ate with a friend at Anotherthyme in Durham (nice atmosphere but not many vegan options; we were underwhelmed by our curried vegetable dish without rice, which was only available cooked in chicken stock). On Saturday, a friend invited us to a St. John's Festival (Noite de São João) party at Duke University's International House with traditional Brazilian food.


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