Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lotus Root-Tempeh Stirfry

I promised my wife that I would help her to keep a surprise and, since I know some of her family like looking at my blog, I've not annotated this or the next few entries for a few days (it is now Wed. October 3). She likes to visit her family in India in mid-October, but her niece, who turned seven I think on September 30, had as a wish that her aunt would be there for her birthday party. So, my wife arranged to visit and left on Thursday, meeting the one relative that she told at the airport in Mumbai when she landed. A day there, then she took the overnight train to her hometown and surprised her family when she rang on their doorbells the morning of her niece's birthday!

Since my wife is leaving for a 2-week or so visit to India tomorrow, I was thinking about my own overseas travels and what foods I miss the most - tempeh ranks high. So, I made a stirfry with fingerling potatoes, sliced lotus root, and broccoli. We enjoyed it!


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