Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Broccoli Di Cicco with Shredded Potato and Shallot

I found some broccoli di Cicco in the grocery store a day or so ago; it looks like broccoli raab/rapini, but after a little research on the web after cooking with it, I found it to be an Heirloom sweeter variety of broccoli; all parts are edible (I thought so - I nibbled on a little of the stalk and leaf raw and it seemed like it would be good cooked).

Anyway, my wife is back! She had a long journey, almost 30 hours from India! Her flight was late and I wanted to make something that I could put on the table quickly so she could eat and get to bed. I set some Lundberg Farms Black Japonica short-grained black and medium-grained mahogany rices to cook in my rice cooker. I thought that I'd make a simple saute of the broccoli di Cicco and serve it with salad and the rice, but I had some shredded potatoes on hand (I had made hashed brown potatoes for breakfast and had shredded too much, so kept the extra soaking in water to keep it from browning).

So I did something unusual - I sauteed the broccoli with the potato and shallot slivers (I used mainly olive but also a little hot sesame oil), not letting the potato rest and clump together as it would were they hashed browns. When the potatoes were lightly brown, I added a little bit of salsa! My wife enjoyed the dish - I thought it was interesting and reasonably good.


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