Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kale with Eggplant, Potatoes O'Brien

Tonight, I made a fairly simple meal. I sauteed two small thin eggplants that I had cut into 1/4" slices, along with a quarter red onion and a medium shallot, both cut into thick long slices, perhaps 1/4" x 3/4". When the eggplant started turning lightly brown and the onions were lightly carmelizing, I added a half cup of water, a cube of vegan bouillon, a little salt, and kale. I had first prepared the kale by washing then cutting, stem and all, across every inch of length. I brought this to a boil then covered and simmered over low heat for 6-8 minutes. I removed the cover and cooked a few more minutes; the little water remaining (less than a quarter cup) I poured and served for my wife, who enjoys drinking these nutritious potions.

I had some organic frozen Potatoes O'Brien (cubed potatoes, bell pepper, and onion), and had them as a simple side dish, sauteeing them with a little bit of olive oil over medium-high heat in for maybe 10 minutes. I also served some salsa on dark miche bread.

I was happy tonight to get an email from a friend, Sangeeta Kumar, who this month has started blogging on The Veg Lounge. I know her from the vegetarian world, but didn't realize that we share backgrounds in photography; I enjoyed seeing not just her lovely, beautifully presented blog, but also some of her portfolio of graphic design and photography.

Speaking of which, the next five days are going to be a challenge. I'm not an early person, but want to take advantage of an excellent annual Professional Photographers of NC convention - it will keep me busy through Wednesday with sessions starting as early as 7a.m. (!!) and events sometimes going well into the evening. And I have a brand new photography class that I have to hop out of the convention to teach on Monday afternoon. Don't have high expectations for my blog for a few days!


At Thu Mar 27, 12:13:00 AM EDT, Blogger Sangeeta Kumar said...

Awww...thanks for the shout out! :)
We should go out shooting together...and if you ever need a second or a third shooter, I'm there!


At Thu Mar 27, 12:55:00 AM EDT, Blogger Dilip said...

You're welcome! Thanks for your lovely blog - and I hope that we can photograph together sometime soon, maybe for the wedding that I just emailed you about. See you! --Dilip


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