Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Garlic Scape Stirfry

I followed the suggestion to stirfry garlic scapes that I found back in June when I was first researching this edible flower of the garlic family. That reference suggested cutting the scapes into 2" pieces, boiling for 2 minutes, and adding to the stirfry in the final minute or two.

I made a simple stirfry with potatoes, tempeh, interesting small Canadian sweet peppers I found at the store today, and onions. I prepared the scapes as suggested and in the final portion of the stirfry added a little bit of Consorzio organic Baja Lime marinade as well as a few seasonings. We liked the stirfry but the scapes were stringy - I would try it again if the scapes were very fresh or just use the bulbous ends.

We were at a conference this weekend just outside of Washington, D.C. I love dining in Washington! On Friday, we went to a relatively new all-vegetarian restaurant, Vegetate; they have a small menu but the presentation is excellent and taste and quality very good. On Saturday, we ate at my wife's favorite pizzeria, Pizzeria Paradiso near Dupont Circle; they readily accomodate vegans and offer Follow Your Heart caseine-free vegan cheese.

On Saturday, we had a mock crabmeat and potato dinner at the conference banquet; I liked the presentation but don't generally look for mock meats. We cycled in Washington on Monday and met up with friends to eat in Old Town Alexandria at Mai Thai - the decor was beautiful and food good but too spicy hot in spite of our asking for mild. The lemonade was excellent and I would definitely try Mai Thai again.


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