Monday, November 06, 2006

Macaroni with Pesto, Lentil Vegetable Soup, Lemoned Beans

Tonight I was thinking of making pesto pasta, but noticed that I had enough leftover whole wheat noodles from Thursday night, that I should finish them up. I made a simple dinner with some of my pesto that I recently made atop the warmed macaroni.

When we were in Toscano, we had a splendid lemoned string bean dish. I found very nice Heirloom French beans at the local farmer's market - but last Saturday, and they were getting dehyrdrated. I tried my hand at gently sauteeing them in lemon olive oil then serving them with lime juice and salt, but need to try this again with fresher beans. I picked up a loaf of lemon sourdough boule today and served it with a vegan margarine. Finally, as part of this simple dinner, I heated a can of Amy's organic vegetable lentil soup.

Yesterday, we attended a fun potluck dinner with at least 30 attendees; I made a Thai tempeh and vegetable dish in coconut milk. On Friday, I was looking forward to preparing a second dinner for our Taiwanese guest (who left later that evening), but had a meeting at Café Parizäde to put this year's Thanksgiving menu together (reservations opened up around 5p yesterday and today we're already up to just shy of 100 reservations!) that lasted several hours. As we were getting ready to leave, the chef offered to send us home with dinner - we enjoyed his yummy squash-spinach risotto and crusty breads, and I simply made a salad.


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