Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mixed Vegetable-Tofu Miso Soup, Whole Wheat Bread with Tomato Paste and Nutritional Yeast (No Added Fat)

My wife was out with a friend, so I was just cooking for my daughter and myself. My daughter wanted soup and picked out ingredients - tofu, miso, and carrot. We also had frozen vegetables that she wanted, Brussels sprouts, green peas, corn, and baby lima beans. I just put all of these ingredients and water into my Instant Pot pressure cooker and cooked for 5 minutes. When I was ready to serve, I added a little salt and dried oregano.

I also spread some tomato paste on whole wheat bread, topped it with nutritional yeast, and heated for about 4 minutes at 350°F in my toaster oven. Sprouted green peas completed the meal.

I was happy to see how much my daughter enjoyed this simple and nutritious meal. I'll have to make more soups with her direction! The Brussels sprouts were perhaps too soft, even though they started off frozen; I should try a 3 minute pressure cook time with frozen Brussels sprouts.

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