Saturday, May 08, 2010

Daiya Mozzarella Style Cheese Pizza, Fries

I believe it was this past autumn that I became aware of a new cheese, Daiya, that is vegan and soy-free. It was only available wholesale, and I first had it at a diner in Raleigh that seems to be 1/3 vegan. It's also available at a pizza chain called Z Pizza.

Well, a few weeks ago, our local Whole Foods stores started carrying it. It comes shredded in a cheddar style and in a mozzarella style. I loved the cheddar and now purchased the mozzarella.
My wife was out at a Mom's Night Out and, after my daughter went to bed, I used frozen Vicolo Pizza organic cornmeal crust pizza shells that I am so fond of. I spread some tomato sauce and onions on the crust, then topped generously with the mozzarella and baked for about 15 minutes on my pizza stone that had been heated in a 425°F oven. The pizza was very good! I love the cheddar, and also like the mozzarella!


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