Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tempeh-Leek Scramble with Baby Bok Choy over Trofie Pasta

I thought that I would try a combination of occidental and oriental tastes by preparing a scramble with baby bok choy. I cut tempeh into rectangular cubes approximately 1/4" by 3/8" or so and made 1/4" half moon discs of a small thoroughly washed leek. I sauteed the tempeh and leek for about 5 minutes till the tempeh was starting to brown, then added in roughly chopped (pieces maybe 1/2" or so) baby bok choy and sauteed just another two minutes or so. Rather than mixing in a hot sauce or perhaps ginger or garlic, I simply added about a quarter small can of tomato sauce, as well as salt and pepper, and served it over trofie pasta, along with avocado and hearty potato-onion bread.

My wife really enjoyed the meal; I thought it was good but not very memorable. I can't think of what I would change in the dish, and I wouldn't mind eating something like this again. Tomorrow I have a new 6-week cooking class beginning, so will post a picture of one of my students' plates in tomorrow's blog entry.


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