Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tempeh-mushroom scramble with mashed potatoes

I made a scramble with tempeh, a variety of mushrooms (but mainly shiitake), green garlic, and red bell pepper. I served it with mashed potatoes, salad, and whole wheat English muffins.

I didn't cook the last two nights. Last night, one of my aunts from Connecticut flew down to visit with my parents, who live around the corner from us. After teaching, I had gone over to my parents' house and enjoyed my Mom's Indian cooking. On the previous night, Wednesday, we received an invitation for dinner at Binge Cafe (or is it Sloping Band House). My wife was called out of town and only got leftovers, unfortunately, but I enjoyed the House/Cafe's vegan pizza and salad.


At Sat Apr 22, 01:34:00 PM EDT, Blogger Eleni Binge said...

Those potatoes look great! I take it you peel them? BC leaves the skins on. Did you use cookie-cutters for the tempeh? I made biscuits and gravy this morning.


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