Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sauteed spinach with rhubarb(!), vegan smoked apple sage sausage, lemon sourdough boule bread

Before I describe tonight's dinner, I need to rave about two new food items I discovered today! At Weaver Street Market, where I sometimes shop, they were sampling Ciao Bella Gelato Company's Blood Orange Sorbetto. Wow! Its flavor was intense and one of the best sorbets that I've had (perhaps the best is in-house prepared sorbet from Millenium Restaurant in San Francisco, my favorite restaurant!). Needless to say, I went home wish some!

I also was lucky enough at Weaver Street to find a bread only baked Saturdays and Sundays, Lemon Sourdough Boule ("round"). Wow - it is one of the best breads I've had in memory - it is soft with delicious bits of lemon zest and a light crust. It tastes superb as is - I've not even been toasting it. I made an unbelievable sandwich out of it by spreading a little of my homemade pesto and filling it with fresh greens and slices of tomato.

Anyway, on to tonight's dinner! Of course, I had a slice of that yummy bread! I have never prepared rhubarb (I should make a rhubarb pie sometime), and wanted to add it to a main course. I gently sauteed some fresh spinach, onion, and roasted garlic, and then added in raw rhubarb slices; it tasted interesting (the tartness of the rhubarb wasn't a problem to me as I had spiced the spinach) and worth futher experimentation. I grilled some smoked apple sage vegan "sausage" - it was good and more comfortably inviting than their spicy hot "sausages". I also served some salad greens and Easter Egg radishes. The weather was nice, so we ate on the deck!


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