Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pesto pizza

Last weekend at a local farmer's market, I got a bargain on basil; a farmer was selling bags of pesto for $1 or $2, and it started raining, so some folks started closing shop. This farmer let me have four decent sized bags of basil for $2 I believe. So, today I made pesto with the basil, garlic, green garlic I bought at the farmer's market, vegan Parm! "Parmesan cheese", extra virgin olive oil, salt, and walnuts (I usually use browned pine nuts, but thought I'd try something different).

We had my aunt over for dinner, and I made pizza with some interesting toppings, including artichoke hearts, tomatoes I had bought at the farmer's market, Nate's vegan "meatballs", and some excellent vegan cheese called Scheese, cheddar style with chives, from the Scottish company Isle of Bute (I brought some back when I visited the London area in January). I served the pizza with breaded eggplant.


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