Friday, October 19, 2012

Creamer Potatoes with Kale and Brussels Sprouts, Limed Jerked Seitan with Ginger

Yesterday, I picked up some tasty small creamer potatoes and some kale. I was thinking of making a stirfry with tempeh, but we didn't have tempeh in stock. I decided to make a saute without it and make a side dish of seitan.

For the saute, I used the potatoes, as well as Brussels sprouts and kale. I made one of my favorite side dishes, limed jerked seitan.

For the saute, this is what I did:
  1. I took maybe 15-20 small (average app. 1/2" diameter?) creamer potatoes, halved them, and started sauteeing them in a cast iron pan over medium heat
  2. As the potato started cooking and not yet turning brown (after maybe 4 minutes), I added about a dozen halved Brussels sprouts
  3. After another five or six minutes, the potato and Brussels sprouts were light brown; I added about an eighth each of yellow and red onion, cut into large chunks (maybe 1"x1/4") and cooked another two or three minutes, till the onion was cooked but not yet carmelized
  4. I then added hand torn (maybe 3/4" pieces) of four or five kale leaves; they quickly cooked down and darkened in color after a minute and a half or so
  5. I added a little fresh lemon sage and a few leaves of basil, roughly chopped, and a little bit of herbed salt, and served
For the seitan:
  1. I separated strips from a box of seitan and marinated in the juice of a whole Meyer lemon (and a little bit of lime juice); I also added about 1/2 teaspoon of large pieces of fresh ginger and about a dozen rosemary needles
  2. After a half hour or so, I left the marinade behind and just added the seitan to a non-stick pan that I had warmed some olive oil in
  3. I cooked over medium high heat till the seitan was crispy
  4. I then poured in the juice, ginger, and rosemary and turned the heat off
  5. The liquid quickly cooked away in just a minute or so; I think sprinkled on a little bit of salt and jerk seasoning
My wife, toddler, and I always love seitan prepared this way (my toddler generally avoids hot spices, but a little bit of jerk seasoning in seitan seems to go over just fine for her). The main course turned out to be quite tasty, too!


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