Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sauteed Spiced Zucchini w Tempeh, Leftover Biryani, Curried Okra

We're headed tomorrow in the late afternoon for the World Vegetarian Congress in California. It will be in San Francisco this weekend and next Friday-Sunday in Los Angeles. I've been helping to orchestrate this grand event for the past four years and am looking forward to it!

I sliced some zucchini and gently sauteed both sides, then added a little bit of herbs and spices (I am actually posting this after our trip, and neglected to note exactly how I spiced, alas, but it could have been a little bit of jerk seasoning).

I made a curried okra dish in a manner similar to how my Mom would; I diced the okra into 1/2" cubes and sauteed, mixing in (probably) some turmeric and powdered cumin near the end (I also included onion in the saute, which my Mom would not have done). We had some leftover Biryani rice from Sitar Indian Restaurant. I served that with some coconut chutney. We enjoyed the meal!


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