Friday, August 24, 2012

Corn Tortillas with Black-Eyed Peas and Guacamole, Fregola Sarda (Sardinian Couscous) Soup with Kale, Corn-off-the-Cob with fresh Basil Chiffonade

We had a number of avocadoes ready to be used; I made my guacamole by mixing avocado, lime juice, garlic, onion, and rosemary. It was great! I found that my wife had soaked some black-eyed peas, and I thought this would be a unique and interesting basis, along with the guacamole and salsa (and vegan cheese on my toddler's serving) atop some warmed corn tortillas.

Like I described when I first purchased  fregola sarda back five years ago, this "Sardinian Couscous" is easy to prepare, simply by boiling for 14-17 minutes. I decided to make a soup by boiling with a cube of vegan bouillon, along with about 4 large leaves of kale that I had hand ripped into bite size pieces, and about 1/5 of a medium bell pepper, diced to about 1/4" cubes.

I also served some corn-off-the-cob with a little lime, Earth Balance margarine, and a bit of a nice mixture of herbs and sea salt. A few weeks ago at a Triangle Vegetarian Society potluck dinner, I met Zacki Murphy, a local caterer, who has created a Mediterranean blend of sea salt and herbs; this is what I used today.

Everything was good! I'd love to get more of the fregola sarda and experiment with other dishes with marinara or other sauces.


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