Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome the Neighbors Tacos with Seitan and Kale, Quinoa

 We have very nice new neighbors who are taking over living in my parents' home. They moved in today - they have two children, a baby and a child just a little older than my daughter. To help welcome them, we offered, and they accepted a home cooked meal brought over to them.
My wife doesn't like Mexican food (I do!), but I had some taco shells that I brought over from my parents' house as I was cleaning it out. I sauteed some onion and seitan, adding kale when the seitan was browned. I cooked the kale down just for a few minutes, then added corn kernels off of a cob, and cooked another minute or so, carmelizing the sugars in the corn and making the kernels a bright orange. I served in taco shells, leaving hot sauce and guacamole to be added as desired at the table. Some quinoa and raw vegetables rounded out the meal.

I think that everybody enjoyed the meal. We're lucky to have such nice new neighbors!


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