Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simple Late Night Macaroni and "Chreese", Organic Burger

Another late night! My wife went out to a performance and three roommates who could help with child care stopped by in the evening. By the time all the dust settled, it was after 11p and I had yet to eat. So a quick and easy meal was in order! Tomorrow, the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, the country's largest such festival, begins. I'll be busy Thursday-Sunday morning-night seeing many great films, some of which I've already previewed. I'll probably be eating near the Festival. I had a box of Road's End Organics' cheddar-style semolina shells on hand, so made them, mixing some bell pepper and spring onion in to the final product, and serving with some Daiya cheddar-style shreds. I also heated an organic Sunshine Burger brand "breakfast" burger and served it topped with tahini and (post-photograph) hot sauce. Simple but filling for me!


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