Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prepared Bulgarian Eggplant Stuffed with Rice, Grilled Polenta

Tonight's was a relatively quick "convenience" dinner - I'm focused on a few things I have to get done this week before the Full Frame Film Festival (the country's largest documentary film festival with over 100 films this Thursday-Sunday). I had picked up from a Middle Eastern restaurant a prepared can of Zergut brand Bulgarian eggplants stuffed with rice (eggplant, rice, water, tomato, onion, pepper, sunflower oil, tomato concentrate, sugar, salt, citric acid, parsley, black pepper, and bay leaves). It tastes very good right out of the can and doesn't need heating.

I had about half of a tube of prepared polenta. I sliced it into six slices, each about 1/2" thick, and sauteed them over medium heat in a cast iron pan for about 4 minutes per side till cooked through. About 2 minutes into the cooking, I added two scallions cut into 3/4" slices, which I served bunched in the center of the polenta. Finally, each polenta round got a dab of Jamaican hot sauce from Asheville's Nine Mile.

A salad including avocado half completed the meal. It was easy - and tasty.


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