Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pressure Cooked Tofu with Vegetables (No Added Fat)

I made another simple dinner for myself tonight, pressure cooking tofu, zucchini, potato, kale, green tomato, ginger, and broccoli for 4 minutes, along with 3T of water and a vegan bouillon cube in my Instant Pot. I added some raw onion, salt, jalapeno, and oregano before serving.

It came out well, but I didn't learn my lesson about the jalapeno - this one is just too hot. I had cut the potato into small 3/8" cubes, so 4 minutes was more than enough cook time; in fact, the vegetables were fairly soft. Next time, I should have larger (almost 3/4"?) pieces of potato or reduce the cook time to 2m or maybe 3m.

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