Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pressure Cooked (Tofu or Tempeh) with Vegetables, Mekong Flower Rice (No Added Fat)

My wife originally was eating at a friend's house tonight, and I had my heart set on a pressure cooked tofu dish. She ended up at home, so we decided to try pressure cooked vegetables both with tofu (for me) and tempeh (for her). She is a bit intolerant to tofu, and we hope that eating food cooked with tofu won't cause her any problem.

I've tried pressure cooking tempeh before; it doesn't seem to add any flavor, but doesn't hurt the tempeh. I cooked some tofu, tempeh, and vegetables (asparagus, onion, garlic) along with chopped basil, ginger, vegan bouillon cube, salt, lemon pepper, and a little bit of water on high pressure for 2 minutes. I also made some brown Mekong flower rice.

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