Saturday, November 14, 2009

Melissa's Stewed Root Vegetables with Moroccan Spices Soup, Scottish "Sheese" on Onion Bagel, Corn-off-the-Cob

Probably my favorite vegan cheese (I don't eat cheese often, but of course when I do, it's vegan - since I'm vegan!) is the Scottish Bute Island Sheese. In yesterday's mail, I received the first of two annual boxes from them, primarily for Thanksgiving raffle prizes, but they like for me to have several samples to experiment with. I served onion bagel halves - my wife's had Earth Balance margarine, and I had the Sheese - the flavor that I opened was a cheddar with chives. Yum!

This week, our friend Melissa who sells fabulous soups, has a stewed root vegetable soup with Moroccan spices. We picked it up this evening and it was part of our dinner tonight, just a few hours later. The soup was almost as thick as a stew might be, and Melissa recommended that it goes well over rice or couscous. I really liked the soup and agree that it would also be good atop a grain. I also served corn-off-the-cob with a little lime, salt, and Earth Balance.


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