Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rendang Vegetables with Ramen Noodles and Tempeh

As I described this past May, "there is a line of convenient Indian (and Thai, I believe) foods by a company called Tasty Byte; the ingredients are good and don't include all sorts of strange sounding chemicals, and they just require boiling for a few minutes within the foil bag the food comes in." Their foods don't even require refrigeration (till you open the packet).

Tonight, we were planning on going to see the film Gone with the Wind outdoors and had little time to prepare a meal. (It turned out that rain came and postponed the film!) I took advantage of having a few of these yummy packets of food, including Tasty Byte's Rendang Vegetables, which is what I served. I simply sauteed some tempeh and served atop ramen noodles.

The vegetables were good! They definitely needed to be accompanied with something like tempeh or seitan, as well as rice or noodles.


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