Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sauteed Fingerling Potatoes with Tempeh served with Rice Noodles

I cut about a dozen small fingerling potatoes in half, longitudinally, and started them sauteeing in a little olive oil (I always use extra virgin) over medium-high heat. A few minutes later, I added tempeh - I used about 2/3 of a package and cut the tempeh into small pieces, maybe 1/2" x 5/8" - as well as a 1/4" chopped onion. Stirring occasionally, when the tempeh started to brown, I added a full red bell pepper, cut into thin strips. A few minutes later, I added a handful of fresh basil, cut coarsely into maybe quarters, stirred, and served a minute later. On the side, I had some boiled rice noodles topped with Jamaican jerk seasonings.

My wife liked dinner and so did I, but I think it was a little below average. It could have used more flavor; I ended up adding a little salt to her main course and reduced sodium tamari sauce to mine, but some sort of marinade or other flavoring would have helped.

Yesterday, a friend (the best man at my wedding) invited my wife and I for canoeing and kayaking after work. We had a lovely time paddling with him - I tried, at the end, kayaking (I don't swim, at least not well, so avoid kayaks that may flip!) for the first time ever, and it was even more fun than canoeing! We stopped at Sitar Indian Restaurant for dinner - I had masala dosa and we shared pakoras, steamed rice idlis and sambar soup, and salad.


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