Thursday, August 23, 2007

Daniel Boulud's Beet Salad, Limed Plantain - Zucchini saute with Corn off the Cob and Rice

We had friends over for dinner tonight. They're a kind young couple who have been dating for a few months. I felt bad because when I invite people over, I like to have everything done or almost done and ready to serve when they arrive, but today I was out much of the afternoon and early evening, so arrived back home around the time that they arrived to hear my wife teaching sitar.

But we all enjoyed the evening! I had ingredients left from Friday's beet salad, and made it again. I was thinking that I might cook the beet reduction down more, but given the time, I instead put it, as well as the plates, in the freezer for a half hour or so. That didn't do the trick; the reduction was runnier than on Friday and the plates didn't look as attractive. But it tasted good!

For the main course, I cut a medium Vidalia onion into half moons then cut those half moons into fourths. I started sauteeing the onion in olive oil over medium heat just a minute or two till they started turning clear, then added a package of tempeh, cut into small rectangles. After five-seven minutes or so when the tempeh started to brown, I added a plantain, cut into 1/4" discs then halved, and most of a medium-large zucchini that I had cut similarly. A few minutes later, I added a small shallot, finely diced, and a small red bell pepper, cut into thin strips maybe 1/4" x 3/4". I mixed in Baja Lime marinade and salt, turned the heat off, and let it sit for about five minutes before serving. I also served a brown and wild rice mixture and corn off the cob.

{Alas, on Thursday, my wife pointed out that I had forgotten to include croutons, of which I still had some left, in the beet salad. Oops!}


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