Thursday, February 01, 2007

GardenVegan Garden Burger, Brussels Sprouts

I don't think that I've ever eaten any Garden Burger products, as most of them seem to have eggs and/or dairy, but I found a week or so ago that they have a GardenVegan variety that also has no soy (soy sometimes bothers my wife, except tempeh and in small quantities as in the Earth Balance margarine that we use). It filled the bill today when I got home again well past 8p.

I made a quick meal by first sauteing Brussels sprouts, adding finely chopped shallot late in the process. I removed the sprouts to a bowl, and added a little salt, pepper, and Consorzio brand roasted garlic marinade. Then I used the same now-empty pan to quickly pan saute the burgers, and served them on black olive bread with an artichoke tapenade spread.

Earth Fare has some good stores in Asheville, where it was founded, but their Chapel Hill store has never seemed to get much traffic - which didn't surprise me as they located themselves just 1/4 mile or so from a successful Whole Foods. Anyway, today the Chapel Hill Earth Fare finally closed doors - I think I was their third to last customer. (In its place, a Trader Joe's is opening!) At Earth Fare in their 30% clearance, I picked up some gourmet fried onions - Lars' Own crispy onions. I sprinkled some of them atop the salad that I made.

We both enjoyed dinner and liked the burger. However, I didn't like the burger as much as Turtle Island Foods' Super Burger (which I prepared a month ago) or Sunshine Burgers (which I, most recently, served just a few weeks ago) - but I would certainly buy the GardenVegan again.


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