Thursday, November 09, 2006

Marinated Portabello Mushrooms with Thai Noodles

I had some leftovers that I wanted to finish, including coconut milk used to make the Thai tempeh and vegetable dish that I made on Saturday for a potluck dinner and broccoli di Cicco with shredded potato and shallot from last week. I served the little that was left of those two dishes, and also made a new dish with the coconut milk.

I first marinated thickly sliced portabello mushrooms in Drew's Thai Sesame Lime dressing /marinade then started sauteeing in sesame oil the drained pieces. It was a quick saute (mushrooms, of course, contract as the water is cooked away), and I added in quick succession half-moon sliced onions, diced shallots, and sliced bell pepper and ginger. After a few minutes, I added the little bit of coconut milk that I had left, as well Caribbean hot sauce, a little salt, and peas in pods.


At Fri Nov 10, 07:57:00 PM EST, Blogger bazu said...

Wow the last couple of meals look so good. And it's so cool that you teach vegan cooking classes! I wish it were closer to me, I've always wanted to take classes. Are you a chef? Great stuff.

At Sat Nov 11, 03:04:00 AM EST, Blogger Dilip said...

Thanks. I am a vegan chef. I wish you could take my classes!


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