Thursday, April 27, 2006

Steamed broccoli rabe and potatoes with Himalayan red rice

I am still enjoying items I bought a few days ago at a local farmer's market. I purchased what I'm pretty sure is broccoli rabe (pronounced "rob"), also called rapini or just rabe, which is rich in disease-preventing phytochemicals, as well as many vitamins and fiber. It's related to broccoli with tiny heads here and there amongst large leaves that are slightly bitter.

I steamed the greens as well as some "rainbow tiny" potatoes (red, purple, and yellow) and yellow squash. I prepared some delicious and nutritive Himalayan red rice cooked with green garlic (also from the farmer's market) chunks, and served it atop fresh baby spinach. There was a little bit of an olive dressing on the spinach, and there were two olives - but otherwise there was no added fat!


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