Monday, April 03, 2006

Collard greens with seitan stewed in fresh tangerine juice

Tonight, I took the collard greens I bought at the local farmer's market yesterday and made a dish with seitan, incorporating a variety of flavors, including finishing it off with a short simmer in a little freshly squeezed honey tangerine (i.e., a "honey tangerine", not a tangerine with honey - I'm vegan! :-) ) juice. My wife wanted to make a side dish, and made a yummy fried rice with yellow and red bell peppers. Luckily we made extra as I had to go to the airport to receive two friends, and we had enough to offer them some of the rice and the greens.


At Mon Apr 03, 08:46:00 PM EDT, Blogger A woman from India said...

Last night's dinner was wonderful!!! Dilip is a good cook and I seldom have to work in the kitchen - but yesterday I made the fried rice and came out well to go with Dilip's dishes!!!!

- Dilip's wife

At Mon Apr 03, 10:47:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dilip said...

Thanks, Sangeeta, for your kind words! You're a very nice person to cook for. Love, Dilip


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