Monday, April 10, 2006

Beer-battered asparagus

I've not been cooking for the past few nights because of the Full Frame Film Festival but put together a late dinner tonight after the Festival. I read a recipe on the label of asparagus stalks for beer-batter deep frying. I never deep fry, but used that as an idea to make a batter out of whole wheat flour and a variety of spices, such as red pepper, vegan Parma! "Parmesan cheese", sesame seeds, and a wonderful product I picked up when visiting Key West this past November and that I have found many uses for, Kermit's Fresh Lime and Datil Pepper Seasoning, then mixed in beer. I sauted asparagus spears, as well as red bell peppers and onions. I served this with English peas, mashed potatoes, and toast with tomatoes.


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