Thursday, July 03, 2014

Watermelon Gazpacho, Limed Jerk Seitan (No Added Fat)

I found good seedless watermelon in the store, and made a big batch of watermelon gazpacho, similarly to how I made it on Father's Day 2013. The vegetarian society has a 4th of July picnic, and I thought that I could enjoy a bowl of the soup tonight and let it sit overnight for the flavors to all marinade together nicely.

I also made my signature lime-marinated jerk seitan. I like using my cast iron pan with no additional oil, but don't like citrus on the pan. What I did was put strips of seitan on the warmed cast iron pan and cooked till a bit crispy. I transferred the seitan to a bowl, put a little fresh lime juice on top, and sprinkled some jerk seasoning and a bit of salt on top, then kept it warm in a toaster oven till I served. Wonderful candy-like Sungold tomatoes completed the meal!

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