Sunday, June 29, 2014

Light and Lean Lo Mein with a Kick (No Added Fat)

As I described on June 18, I am trying out a local company, The Purple Carrot, that is testing out the concept of delivering low fat vegan dinners as colorful recipe cards and all needed ingredients. I loved the polenta that I made last time and in fact hope to make a polenta dish from scratch again soon.

Today, I made another of their dishes, again from Dr. Mary Wendt and Tess Challis' Get Waisted book. It called for a bit of sesame oil, but I omitted it. Here is the description from the recipe card:

Crunchy carrots, chewy shiitake mushrooms, meltingly delicious zucchini, and green powerhouse Napa cabbage adorn gluten-free rice pasta. The tangy (and optionally fiery) Asian-inspired sauce sets off taste explosions in your mouth. You'll feel full and satisfied, and you can eat tons of Lean and Light Lo Mein without worrying about gaining weight. Win-win!
It came out very well! I like working with rice noodles, but up to now all the rice noodles I've used cook quite quickly, within a few minutes at most. These noodles, however, were thicker and took 17 minutes. I enjoyed the spice and the texture. Yum!



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