Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Batata Wada (prepared) on homemade Paratha, Vegetable Stew, Leftover Seitan

I made a very simple meal tonight. I had made some soft vegetables as a stew for my Dad in the Instant Pot. For the rest of the family, I want to use up as much as I can from our freezer as we are going to have to empty it for Friday's delivery of a new refrigerator.

I don't often use convenience foods, but do usually have a few in stock for strange times perhaps when I am hungry before a class that I'm teaching and want to have something that can be quickly prepared. I had some Indian batata wada (Maharashtrian potato fritters) that I heated and served with a salad on homemade paratha that my wife had made, along with the leftover from what my Dad couldn't eat of his vegetables, plus seitan leftovers from a few days ago. It was simple but filling and tasty.


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