Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pad Thai Noodles with Tempeh (just for Dilip)

My wife ate on her own tonight and I ate late, after an evening work out. On my way home, I stopped at the grocery store and, mindful of putting a quick dinner together, found some ready-to-prepare vegan Pad Thai. It was appealing not just to try tonight, but because in a few weeks I have my annual Professional Photographers of North Carolina conference and it might be handy to bring something like this for quick lunches.
I made the dish (really by just adding boiling water), as well as sauteed some tempeh. I sprinkled some crispy onions atop the noodles and sliced some tomatoes for a quick and simple dinner. The noodles were acceptable but not something I think I will buy again, unless I plan to embellish them with additional flavors.


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