Thursday, May 10, 2007

Caribbean Jerk Okra and Tempeh with Rice

I have some Pluto's Caribbean Bliss seasoning that I occasionally experiment with; Caribbean jerk is an interesting spicy cuisine. I had the idea yesterday to grill some okra then coat with the jerk seasoning, which is what I did. I let the okra, cut in half longitudinally, saute for at least 7-8 minutes, till it had medium-dark browning. I then put it into a bowl and mixed in salt and salt-free Caribbean Bliss seasoning. I sauteed tempeh and did something similar, but with no salt. It was great, served with a brown rice mix - the spices are tasty and the heat is subtle but grows a bit over time.

Today, incidentally, in the third class of cooking for children, we inspected the mung beans that we began sprouting in class on Monday, and they were ready with small sprouts! Students sampled the sprouts, mixed with lime juice and salt, and most liked them. We started some chickpeas soaking so that they will sprout (after half a day, they will be drained then rinsed and drained twice a day, just like the mung beans). We made fruit smoothies out of frozen organic fruit (cherry, mango, and blueberry, along with banana) and rice milk. Most enjoyed their drinks!

I may not have much to post about in the coming days. Tomorrow I have a photography meeting and may have to meet my wife enroute from cooking class to eat out, but also may just cook late (or set up the slow cooker to have dinner mostly ready when I return). On Friday, I am delighted to be entertaining a speaker from California who will be presenting at a vegetarian society event on Saturday; I'll prepare for that potluck but not have a blog entry dinner plate. Sunday is Mother's Day and we're invited to a graduation dinner party.


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