Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tacos, Roasted Corn

My wife is away this week so for a little while I can relax my self-imposed challenge to prepare a unique dinner for her each night (which I've succeeded in doing since June 6, 2004, the day we met). Tonight I had a late night with some unexpected issues that arose, so I wanted to make a quick meal. I made some tacos with heirloom tomatoes, avocado, shallot, and m√Ęche ("lamb's lettuce") greens. I roasted some corn as I typically do, removed the kernels from the cobb with a knife, and mixed in salt, Earth Balance, and fresh lime juice. I also heated some frozen prepared French Fries. The result was simple but tasty and filling (there was actually more corn that I had when I finished what was on my plate; I had roasted two ears).

There was no blog entry yesterday, Tuesday, because a good friend had his brother visiting from Spain and wanted to introduce him to one of his (and my) favorite foods, dosa. We went out to Udipi (the normal spelling of this set of restaurants inspired by the name of a South Indian village; but this location spells it Udupi) Cafe nearby and, joined by two additional friends, had a nice meal.


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