Thursday, August 31, 2006

Leftover Dosa, Roasted New Mexican Chile with Quinoa, Spiced Okra

Today was a simple but good dinner. As I described a few days ago, we had gone out to a South Indian restaurant on Sunday and I had ordered a spring masala masala dosa, a lentil-rice crepe filled with vegetables. The dosa was cut into quarters and I brought two of the quarters home - my wife and I each had one of the pieces with our dinner tonight. I heated the dosa up a little too much in the oven, and it became overly crispy and dark, but was still good.

Just before dinner, I had purchased a New Mexican chile pepper. I roasted it lightly (I put it directly on flame and gently charred it - normally I char pepper throughout to get it all black - then let it sit for a few minutes - normally I put it in a brown or plastic bag to let the smoke flavor permeate and continue cooking the pepper from inside-out - before rubbing it under running water to tease off the burned skin; then I simply sliced it in half longitudinally and removed the seeds and membranes) and filled it with quinoa that I had made with broccoli. I served the broccoli on the side.

My wife wanted to prepare okra. She washed and dried okra, cut it into thin vertical slices, and sauteed with mustard seeds, dried red chile, ground cumin, ground coriander seed, and a little lime juice (instead of the lime juice, she would have preferred using amchur, a spice made from dried mango, but we were out of it). She cooked the okra over low heat then added a little salt to taste.


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