Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Braising Greens, Roasted Corn with Onion, Grilled Asparagus

My friend who moved away this week left me some avocado oil; I have used avocado oil only a few times, about five or more years ago, when I bought a bottle of it. It has a thick consistency, little flavor, and is high in monounsaturated fats ("good" ones that help to reduce LDL cholesterol). I used a little bit of this oil to grill asparagus spears in my cast iron pan. I also put a little avocado oil into a large stock pan and briefly sauteed some onion cut into half moons and a few chunks of garlic, then I added braising greens and salt, reducing the heat to low and covering the pan. I occasionally mixed the onions and greens and cooked for a total of about 6-8 minutes more.

I also served some seeded ciabatta bread, toasted and then topped with artichoke tapenade. I roasted some corn on the gas range flame, removed the kernels with a knife, and mixed in a few spices, Earth Balance non-hydrogenated margarine, and small cubes of onion. My wife liked this combination, but I found some of the corn was damaged and I thought the resulting ratio had too much onion to the usable corn.


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