Monday, September 11, 2006

Leftover lasagne, Zephyr summer squash

I was honored to be the usher for a vegan wedding this past weekend; both of my friends marrying each other near lovely Asheville, NC are vegan, and the food at their Saturday wedding, catered by Amina's catering was all vegan and I think all organic! The dinner included lasagne (they made so much that we got to take a lot of leftover lasagne home with us; it didn't pack well so ended up being somewhat messy, but still tasty!), a big salad, chickpea loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, cooked greens, corn on the cob, all manners of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, a vegan cake, and fruits served with coconut cream.

I still feel funny about going about normal activities on September 11th, and since those terrible attacks, always try to commemorate the loss of life by attending spirtual or educational activities. We were off to a September 11th film series, so I had to put dinner together quickly. I reheated the lasagne (delicious; I think it included nutritional yeast and a soy "sausage"), steamed organic Zephyr squash, and served, on toasted multigrain bread, green chili cilantro hummus from Asheville's Flying Frog Cafe.

We left for Asheville on Thursday after dinner. On Friday, we attended the rehearsal dinner and had some tempeh brought in from Rosetta's Kitchen (an all-vegetarian restaurant open till 3a on weekends!), and afterwards walking around downtown Asheville, tried some mango gazpacho soup at, I think, Ophelia's Restaurant. On Sunday, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Laughing Seed Cafe. We shared some pakoras; my wife had a raw food platter for her main course, and I had a delicious dish with pesto over seitan that I think I will use as a model for a dish in the future. I also enjoyed a refreshing cantaloupe sorbet to finish the meal.


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