Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Black Bean and Corn Pupusa (prepared), Brown Basmati Rice with Swiss Chard

I saw an interesting looking product in the store and picked it up, Tres Latin Foods' pupusas, and picked up their black bean and sweet corn variety, which I thought I'd use today, as well as their kale and pinto bean pupusa. Pupusas are a traditional dish from El Salvador; I love corn masa and bet these are good.The ingredients look great:

  • (Black bean and corn pupusa) organic corn masa, water, black beans, corn, olive oil, and salt
  • (Kale and pint bean pupusa) organic corn masa, water, pinto beans, olive oil, kale, salt, chili powder, chipotle powder, and onion powder
... and each pupusa only has 3.5g of fat.

I cooked the pupusas at 400°F for 10m then pan sauteed on a cast iron pan for a few minutes per side to get them a bit crispy. I served with some stewed tomatoes and raw red onion

I also made brown basmati rice (1:2 ratio of rice to water, plus a vegan bouillon cube, and I also mixed in frozen chopped Swiss chard, then pressure cooked it all for 25m) and steamed broccoli and mixed it with sauteed onion.


These pupusas are good. They're not strongly flavorful but certainly satisfying and filling; one was enough for me.

Ideas for the future

I look forward to serving more of these prepared pupusas, and would like to top them with a spicy salsa and fresh avocado and onion. It would be fun to learn to make pupusas!

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