Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Polenta with Mushrooms and Smoky Tempeh, Freekeh (No Added Fat)

I thought that I'd make a dinner of polenta with mushrooms, and had some freekeh (roasted green wheat) on hand that I thought I'd use as a side dish. Here is what I did.

I used maybe 2/3 of a 17.3 ounce tube of prepared polenta, cut into 1/4" cubes. I cooked, along with onion and mushroom over medium heat in a cast iron pan, for maybe 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the polenta was showing a little brown.

On another cast iron pan, I had heated some strips of smoky tempeh that I had purchased. I mixed the tempeh and the contents of the other pan in a serving bowl, along with some capers, and kept it warm till the rest of the meal was ready.

Freekeh, roasted green wheat, cooks in a  1:2 1/2 ratio to water simmered for 20-25m. I sauteed some onion with no added oil, then put in maybe 1/2 cup freekeh, 2 1/2 times water (i.e., about 1 1/4 cups), a touch of salt, and a vegan bouillon cube, brought to a boil, and then simmered on low, covered, for 20 minutes. I let it sit a few more minutes off-heat, then mixed and served.

Dinner was good. I should cook with both polenta and freekeh more often. I should make polenta from scratch more often, as well.



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